Why BUY PLANTS Locally?

As with any purchase, we have choice and power in where we direct our dollars. 


As residents of New Hampshire, we all benefit when dollars are spent where our heart is, right here in our home state.

According to independentwestand.org, for every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $68 will stay in the community.

When you choose to buy plants locally, from independent retailers, your purchase has a collective, powerful impact on our NH Economy. You are investing in your community and the businesses that make it unique, which also creates employment for your neighbors and attracts visitors.

1. The Experience

Ever wonder why a trip to the greenhouse can leave you feeling so relaxed you think you just left the spa? As humans, we possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Yep, it’s called the "biophilia theory" and it’s a real thing.


Science has proven that simply being around plants and flowers makes us happier, less stressed. The multi-sensory experience of wandering a garden center or greenhouse is good for the soul, and it’s something that can never be virtually replicated. Many perennials, trees and shrubs are already on display outdoors at your local retailers.

You’ll find your neighborhood plant retailers are staffed with trained pros, people who choose to work in the industry because they love plants!


Your local retailers know that from beginners to the savviest gardeners, what we all want most is successful growth, and they choose their employees accordingly.  

When you choose to patronize independent plant retailers, you can expect sound advice from helpful staff who know their product, understand NH growing conditions and the latest challenges in regional pest control.

They’re ready to help and share valuable knowledge in making the right choices that can save you time, energy, money and maybe even lots of disappointment, in the long run.

 2. Exceptional Service  

3. Nurtured


What you may not know or think about, is your neighborhood greenhouse, nursery and garden center owners are working year-round to bring you their best. When those gorgeous plants make their debut in the spring, it is not without significant effort and the care does not end there.

In the off season, plant retailers are growing, ordering, educating themselves and making infrastructure improvements as investments in delivering the best possible product and customer experience.

Their business sustainability is dependent upon your satisfaction and they work hard to earn your loyalty. Everything from staff to stock is always carefully nurtured to be sure you are a happy customer. They ensure product is only made available when the timing is right for our NH climate. Extraordinary care is taken to protect product from the elements, to be sure plants are properly watered, fed, inspected and monitored so you are bringing home nothing but the healthiest plants, without unwanted pests or disease.  

For these reasons, you’ll find most independent retailers also stand behind their product with some sort of guarantee of replacement when a plant fails, after following proper care instruction.

As trained pros, your local plant retailers are natural stewards of the environment. Many grow their own product or prefer to source from a local grower, whenever possible. Not only does local sourcing minimize transportation emissions, but it supports the sustainability of our local growers and farms, keeping our fields green and the air clean.

Your local retailers also stay up to date on invasive species, pest or disease threats, as well as gardening solutions, techniques and technology that support wildlife and environmental sustainability.

If you ever wondered why a particular plant is not available at your local garden center, there could be good reason for it. Purchasing a pretty garden plant online is not only a risk it will not thrive here, but you could also be introducing larger problems to the NH habitat if it carries disease or pests.  

Your local retailer grows their own stock or buys stock that is vetted as appropriate for home gardening success in NH. Any ordered stock comes from a trusted grower and is inspected upon arrival for overall good health.

4. Environmental


5. The Selection

Your neighborhood garden center will offer the most diverse selection, companion suggestions and more sizes to choose from.

You’ll also find native plants at your local plant retailer. Native plants are those that occur naturally in a region in which they evolved. When you plant something native, you not only help to preserve biodiversity for the sustainability of pollinators, birds and other wildlife, you reap landscape benefits:

  • New England Winter Hardiness

  • Pest Resistance

  • Low Maintenance

  • Non-Invasive

  • Complementary To Any
    Landscape Design

Ask your local pro about the 2020 Plants of the Year and new plants to the market. Retailers are up to date on the benefits of all varieties and can help you decide if something pretty is also practical for your garden application.

Spend your money where your heart is and help to sustain more than 1,100 horticultural businesses in NH and their 12,000 employees. Who are they?

Owners and employees of:

  • Your local nurseries & greenhouses and growers of herbs, cut flowers and turfgrass. 

  • Your neighborhood garden centers, landscapers, nurseries, greenhouses and florists. 

  • Your hometown landscape service providers of landscape design, installation, maintenance, lawn care and tree care. 


Look for the names doing the most good in your community. You'll often find these businesses associated with local non-profits, youth sports teams, community beautification and other causes close your heart. 

6. Creating Jobs & Building Communities