Whenever You Plant Something 
This Single Act Sets So Much Positivity In Motion!  

Help the Environment

From pests to invasive species, your local pro retailers are knowledgeable about current environmental threats and can help you make responsible plant choices.

Beautify the Community

When you plant something at your home, your business or at local parks and schools, you are contributing to a better community. 

Nurture Mind, Body & Spirit

Being in nature or even the sight of plants, trees and flowers have all been scientifically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and simply make us happier. 

Help Local Growers

When you buy plants or services from your local garden center, greenhouse, nursery, florist or landscape company, you are supporting NH economy.

Join the Movement

Visit Your Local Plant Retailer. Get Inspired.

Plant Something. Anything.



Find a Plant Something NH Weekend Event Near You!

When We All Set Out To Act Together In One Weekend We Create Big Impact.

Garden centers, greenhouses, nurseries, florists and related organizations

all across New Hampshire offer inspiration by hosting

independent events and promotions during Plant Something NH Weekend!

Check Back To Find A 2020 Event Near You!

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