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THRIVE Valentine's Day Edition

For The Love of Local

We know that local is best for our local economy, but it is also best for the quality of product and customer service. Buy your flowers and plants direct from the website of your local neighborhood merchant ...

THRIVE New Year Edition

The Lucky 7

The 7 Chakras are centers of spiritual energy that move inside of us. Long before science proved that being around plants makes us happier and improves...

Buy Fresh. Shop Local. Shop Small.

Holiday Gift Guide

These may not be the first places you think of, but your local farm stand, garden center, greenhouse or florist shop is a treasure trove of holiday goodness!

THRIVE Autumn Edition

Fall is for Planting

As the sun sets on summer, us gardeners tend to get a little melancholy. We're here to tell you that there are many reasons to be excited about the arrival of fall!

THRIVE Spring Edition

Garden by the Moon

The phases of the moon have been used for centuries, by many cultures as a guiding light by which to determine the optimum planting time for crops...

THRIVE New Year Edition

Plant Something for Good Vibes

Health is the new wealth and if you resolved to take better care of yourself this year, Plant Something NH is rich with inspiration for wellness! January is the...

March 23, 2019:
Governor John Sununu Proclaims June 1-2, 2019 Plant Something Weekend In New Hampshire