It has been our pleasure to serve the New Hampshire community as the statewide stewards of this educational initiative, since 2016. 

We thank you for supporting our mission to promote the health, environmental and economic benefits of plants over the last five years. Your collective acts of buying plants locally and planting for the best interests of our greater New Hampshire ecology have made a difference. 

It is our parting wish that we all remain mindful to do what we can to foster these ideals in young minds, for the well-being of future generations. 

As we reflect on the good work we have accomplished with your support, we hope that you will continue to practice the conscientious consumer choices that are critical to sustaining our New Hampshire growers, farms, and environment, while bringing even greater beauty to the landscape and neighborhoods of our home state.

With confidence in your commitment, we leave you with referral to this directory of New Hampshire resources for plant and garden related interests, or as avenues to direct your future support: